Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Kettlebell Exercises For A Trim Waist And 6 Pack Abs

You’re already aware that doing endless crunches or situps will NEVER get you six-pack abs, right? Let’s understand why and how Kettlebell training can help you get a 6-pack that works.

What Kettlebell Exercises You Should Do For A Trim Waist And 6 Pack Abs

One of the many functions of your abdominals is to stabilize your spine and torso – to hold you upright, not allowing your torso to collapse.

That said, by swinging, snatching or doing any Kettlebell exercises where your center of gravity is being moved around, you are using your abs to resist rotation or any excessive lateral flexion (bending sideways). Doing this forces your abs to contract or brace and protects your very sensitive lower back area forcing your abs to not only work the way they were meant to work, but doing it at every conceivable angle.

Kettlebell training is interval training “on steroids”.

Interval training, usually done at the end of a workout, involves bouts of high intensity exercise (sprinting, bodyweight circuits, complexes, etc) followed by recovery periods.

Research has shown that training of this type creates an amazing fat burning response and will spare your hard-earned muscle.

Traditional Kettlebell training usually involves doing a series of full body exercises and movements continuously without any rest until we reach a certain time or until we finish our required number of repetitions.

These “circuits” or “drills”, as they are sometimes called, give us a more of challenge simply because we adding KB into the mix. The result is one of the gut wrenching interval sessions you’ve ever done in your life. And the beauty of it is the variety of movement that will reduce the amount of overuse that occurs with traditional sprinting on a track or bike.

Kettlebell training, although it’s history is rich in tradition, is the wave of the future. It’s the hottest 6-pack-abs generator of the moment and will definitely help you get those rock hard abs you’ve been looking for.

Forget the crunches and sit-ups watch the video for your six pack abs solutions with kettlebells.

The Kettlebell Exercises you are about to see are:

1 – Kettlebell Windmills

2 – Kettlebell Swings

3 – Around The World

4 – Renegade Rows

5 – Halo’s

To see the video and continue reading Please Go To 5 Kettlebell Revolution Exercises For 6 Pack Abs

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